2018 Miami Police Department Airplane Lottery

129 5th ave NW
Miami, OK 74354
Date: Tuesday January 01, 2019 12:00 PM Drawing Time: Noon

2018 Miami Police Department Airplane Lottery

All proceeds will go toward the Miami Regional Airport.

For full rules and details please visit http://www.MiamiPlaneRaffle.com

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Tickets went off Sale on Wednesday Jan 02, 2019 but may still be available at the door

2018 Miami Police Department Airplane Lottery Rules

  • The Grand Prize is an airworthy 1960 Cessna 172a (N7698t) (hereinafter called "plane"). It will have had a fresh annual inspection.
  • Only 4000 tickets will be sold, so get yours now for a chance to win this beautiful aircraft. Total time: 3311.0. TSMOH: 178.0. (Note: These times will increase as we fly it to events to display it as a promotion of this lottery.) The plane has a new battery, and an altimeter and transponder check were done in 2017. It has a hardwired intercom. Up to 10 hours of flight instruction will be provided with the plane if desired by the winner, however, only an appropriately certified pilot will be allowed to remove the plane from the Miami Regional Airport. As an alternative to claiming ownership of the plane, the winner may select to receive $12,000.00, in which case, the plane will remain the property of the Miami Police Department, and will be raffled once again.
  • There is no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the condition of the plane by the Miami Police Department, the City of Miami, Oklahoma, or any Council member or employee thereof. The winner of the lottery will be required to sign the Miami Police Department's Release and Hold Harmless Agreement before taking possession of the plane.

Airplane Lottery Rules

This is a lottery (a.k.a. raffle) as defined by Oklahoma law (21 0. S. §1051). The winner of the plane will be chosen by lot (i.e. a chance drawing). This lottery is being conducted by members of the Miami Police Department, without compensation to any member. The Department will be purchasing the plane with the proceeds of this lottery. All of the profits raised will be used by the Department for the uses and benefits it chooses. For this lottery, all of the profits will go to support Miami (Oklahoma) Regional Airport projects and its aeronautical education and aviation programs.

This lottery is not valid in any capacity if it is illegal where you live. It is your responsibility to verify that it is legal, not ours, before you buy a Lottery Ticket. The lottery is also not valid outside of the United States. Void where prohibited by law.

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this lottery. Tickets are a voluntary contribution of$50.00 for each ticket, or 3 tickets for $125.00. You can buy as many lottery tickets as you wish. No municipal officer or employee of the City of Miami, or spouse of the officer or employee, or any business in which the officer, employee, or spouse of the officer or employee has a proprietary interest, shall be allowed to buy a ticket(s).

Each ticket will be issued with a unique number. Those tickets will be numbered sequentially from 1 through 4,000, inclusive. No number will be repeated. The tickets will be sold in person through the Miami Police Department and such other places as determined by the Department. The actual tickets will be hand delivered if purchasing in person, or will be emailed to the email address you provide. We are not responsible for any lost or misdirected email(s). If you purchase, but do not receive your lottery ticket(s) via email within 24 hours after purchase, then you should call us at (918-541-2301).

After all 4,000 tickets are sold, no more tickets will be sold as all ticket sales will cease when the 4,000th ticket has been sold. Anyone that attempts to buy a ticket after the 4,000th ticket has been sold, will have their purchase fully refunded. We are not responsible if your purchase cannot be processed because all allocated tickets have already been sold. The date, time and place of the drawing will be posted on our webs it e at ( https://www.facebook.com/Miami-Oklahoma-Police-Department-106172576384385/ ), after the 4,000th ticket is sold. The drawing will be conducted publicly and any person may attend and observe the drawing. The prize can be transferred to anyone the winner chooses, however, the winner or his or her designee must claim the plane at the Miami Regional Airport.

The winner of the lottery will be notified by phone and information of the winner will be posted on the Miami Police Department website ( https://www.facebook.com/Miami-Oklahoma-Police-Department-106172576384385/ ), and such other locations as deemed appropriate by the Miami Police Department.

Any and all taxes, licenses, registration fees and other fees or expenses associated with transferring ownership and registering the plane shall be the sole responsibility of the winner of the lottery. Each ticket purchased constitutes permission to use the winner's name for future promotions and publicity purposes without compensation except where prohibited by law. Appropriate reporting of the winner will be made to the IRS. The lottery winner must sign the previously mentioned Release and Hold Harmless Agreement as well as a publicity, media and photo release and will receive the duly completed AC Form 8050-1 for transfer of ownership.

The winner of the lottery must claim the prize at the Miami Regional Airport, Miami, Oklahoma, within 60 days of the drawing. The Miami Regional Airport will keep the plane at its hangar, free of charge, for no more than 60 days. All risk of loss shall be on the winner from the time of the drawing until the plane is claimed by the winner. If not claimed by the end of 60 days, the winner will be responsible for all rent and any other reasonable and necessary expenses for the care of the plane that thereafter might accrue, at the normal rate for the Miami Regional Airport. Any such accrued expenses that are not timely paid shall become a lien against the plane, which may be enforced as provided by Oklahoma law.

The winner of the lottery may decline to accept the prize of the plane or the alternate cash, in writing, in which case the Miami Police Department will randomly draw another winner.

These official lottery rules are subject to the interpretation of the Miami Police Department, exclusively and shall be governed by Oklahoma law. Any cause of action arising from the conduct of this lottery shall be exclusively in the District Court of Ottawa County.

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