Cannabiz L.A.B.

1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102-6509
Date: Saturday October 19, 2019 01:00 PM Doors: 12:30 PM

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Cannabiz L.A.B.
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Cannabiz L.A.B. (Legal, Ancillary, Branding)

This event is geared towards individuals that are looking for a swift download of what it takes in order to excel in this exploding cannabis/CBD/hemp industry. We aim to accelerate you into the industry with knowledge, resources and relationships. There is going to be 3 segments within this 4 and a half hour event!

Legal - segment will bounce from discussing the newly opened TCUP application process and what to expect when applying to updates on the current legal expectations/landscape. Experience shared from those that have written these applications and who have spoken with lawmakers themselves to identify what probabilities are showing and how this market is evolving.

Ancillary - segment of the event will focus on entrepreneurship, narrowing down focuses and implementing strategies. This will cover tips, industry insight, consulting strategy and the important things to consider when taking a risk in the exploding cannabis/CBD/hemp industries! Things in the industry are hectic, fast paced, unpredictable and unforgiving. This section is equipping you with risk mitigation techniques and information on how to remain relevant in this ever changing industry for years to come.

Branding - segment of the event will highlight and underscore the importance and ideas around branding in this premature market. This will speak on branding strategy, market visibility and how to resonate with consumers. Learn why experts are saying that a big portion of investment capital flowing into the industry is being directed to companies building significant brands.

Susan Hays - Susan is an attorney who focuses on legislative lawyering, cannabis law, appellate practice, ethics, election compliance, and campaign finance. She has a full spectrum of relationships and clients that range from industry professionals to state representatives.

Whitney Wehmeyer - Whitney is an owner of The Higher Care Clinic, a multi-state, full service cannabis clinic that focuses on producing smarter more empowered cannabis patients. She has extensive experience running businesses in and out of the cannabis industry and is expanding her business rapidly.

Trey Tijerina - Trey is the president of Texas Cannabis Business Alliance, which focuses on connecting businesses of the cannabis/CBD/hemp industries here in Texas and educating Texans that are looking to enter into those markets well equipped. Trey is a multiple cannabis business owner and has been in the industry 5 years.

Scott Kirk - Scott is the Director of Brand Management at Pavlov Agency with clients that include JP Morgan Chase, the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau, Texas Motor Speedway, Sotheby's Real Estate, and others. He's a guest lecturer every year in the Baylor MBA program, and does a lot of counseling to entrepreneurs. Scott adds a great deal of value to those seeking branding strategy and advice.

Summer Wilkinson - Summer owns and operates LeafBook CFO which is a cannabis accounting and tax company. Summer has many clients with different operations and has precise knowledge on navigating 280 E hurldes for relating businesses. She speaks in multiple states around cannabis business taxing and accounting.

Get introduced to creating and running cannabis, ancillary, CBD, and hemp business in Texas.

Hear from industry professionals who will outline the opportunities and potential pitfalls of doing business in the world's fastest-growing business.

Understand how to keep more of your money as an operator in the cannabis industry.

Learn what the TCUP application process looks like and inquire about the effective strategy in applying before the November 1st deadline.
Event Details
This show is All Ages
Saturday Oct 19, 2019
12:30 PM
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