John Conlee Concert

1515 N Interstate Highway I-35
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Date: Saturday September 09, 2017 08:30 PM Doors: 7:00 PM


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John Conlee is a lot like the songs of which he sings. He lives a domestic
life with his wife Gale and three children, Rebecca, Jessica and Johnny.
During the past two decades, John Conlee has achieved a level of success
that he has sustained by simply being himself and by making records that the
listening public can relate to. He is a gifted entertainer, but he's not
into the glitz and hype of the entertainment world. He'd rather spend his
"off the road" time working on his 32 acre farm outside of Nashville or
engaging in his woodworking and gunsmithing hobbies.

Born and raised in Kentucky farm country, John Conlee grew up plowing
fields, slopping hogs, harvesting grain, raising tobacco and tending cattle.
He began his crusade to save the family farm system several years ago,
performing a concert in Omaha, Nebraska in June 1985 as a benefit for the
National Farmers Organization. When Willie Nelson announced his plans for
the Farm Aid concerts, John called and offered his services. John Conlee
has since been part of 9 Farm Aid concerts, which have raised 13 million
dollars to aid the family farmer.

"I certainly didn't help to organize the entertainers and the concerts for
the publicity," allows Conlee, "I wanted to help bring attention to the
crisis affecting this nation's family farms. With the help of Willie and
others, we brought the family problems to the forefront and some changes
began to take place.

"I'm not a radical or a rebel," Conlee continues, "but I will stand up and
speak my mind on issues that I feel affect me, my family and others, and the
farm crisis was, and remains, one of those issues."

John Conlee's success began in the late 70's. Signed to ABC Records after
working in radio for a number of years, Conlee was ready to make records
rather than just sit back and spin them.

His first release, "Back Side Of Thirty" went no where fast. Three more
singles also met with a minimum success, although they all charted. But in
March of 1978, the label released "Rose Colored Glasses," a song Conlee
wrote, which became a huge hit as well as his signature song. In January of
1979, the label re-released "Back Side Of Thirty" which went on to become a
No. 1 record, and the hits continued to roll. The John Conlee hit list
includes songs such as "Lady Lay Down," "Before My Time," "Friday Night
Blues," "Miss Emily's Picture," "Busted," "I Don't Remember Loving You,"
"Common Man," "I'm Only In It For The Love," "In My Eyes," "As Long As I'm
Rocking With You," "Years After You," "Domestic Life," "Mama's Rockin'
Chair," "Hit The Ground Runnin'" and "Fellow Travelers." All of Conlee's
hits have that unmistakable common thread - that unique voice.

Unlike many artists today, there are several aspects of John Conlee's career
that have remained constant. His career has been managed from the beginning
by Dave Roberts and all his records have been produced by Bud Logan. In the
entertainment world where artists change managers, agents and producers
almost as often as they change their socks, John Conlee has not tampered
with success. He has remained loyal and constant with the people who have
helped him from the beginning - which tells you quite a bit about the man
with the rose colored glasses.

Overall, there have been 29 single releases throughout the years with 26 of
them charting in the top 20 or better. Eight of those 26 have reached the
coveted No. 1 spot on the national country charts.

His record tenure, beginning at ABC Records, brought him to MCA Records when
the two labels merged. John also recorded for Columbia Records where he
scored four hit singles before signing with Nashville's 16th Avenue Records,
a division of the Opryland Music Group. This was something of a homecoming
for Conlee, who has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1981.
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Saturday Sep 09, 2017
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