Dome Dwellers, Mockingbird Brother, Astragal

Room: Upstairs
2915 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009
Date: Monday August 07, 2017 Doors: 7:00 PM


  • Dome Dwellers


  • Mockingbird Brother
  • Astragal
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"In 2015, you'd think that it's all been done before in rock 'n' roll. And, yeah, it probably has. An over-crowded music landscape of sub-genres and variations can make one claustrophobic. Yet, Denton's Dome Dwellers can give you room to breathe. They're a rock 'n' roll band with a confident flair, a reaffirmation that the genre never died; it's just evolved."
- Dallas Observer (Dallas, TX)

"They're the sort of band you'll want to play to your friends and the sort of band that will (and deserve to) inspire a loyal following that will undoubtedly cross oceans to see them play live. --- ‘Maybe I should have some pride' is a great record that'll leave you with a huge smile on your face - gloriously, wonderfully unique, it has no immediate peers and it's simply a joyous experience from its atypical start to its distortion-laden conclusion." - Sonic Abuse (United Kingdom)

"Local act Dome Dwellers started off the night, and their indie-rock, Vampire Weekend-like vibes were thoroughly engaging and crowd-pleasing. -- The Dwellers' unique, heavier riffs were especially hard-hitting and were the highlights of their set, along with their stage presence. In all, it was a very solid performance." - Radio UTD (Dallas, TX)

"Front man Michael J. Slack has a superbly acute vocal style, seamlessly blending the art-rock juxtapositions of the rhythm section with pop sensibilities." - Hand Drawn Records

"Denton's Dome Dwellers released the least aggressive math rock laced album we've ever heard -- and, believe us, that's supposed to be a huge compliment" - Central Track (Dallas, TX)

"Because of our three different angles of thought, I think that's really our sound," Dean said. "We don't just go for one sound." - interview with Little d (Denton, TX)

"We happened to stumble across "My Halo" from Dome Dwellers. Everything was immediately right with the world. Seriously, this is great stuff --- "My Halo," itself [is] mathy and disjointed in the best of ways --- this slightly epic track harkens back to the days of Denton space rock and we couldn't be happier to be reminded of that era" - We Denton Do it: 3 Song September 2013 (Denton, TX)
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This show is All Ages
Monday August 07, 2017
7:00 PM