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100% Custom Developed Software

  • Software has been in use since 2006
  • Developed in-house to keep up with the ever changing market and demands of our clients
  • Ability to add in new features and upgrades at the request of our clients


Cloud Based System

  • Access the data anywhere, anytime
  • IP Security Restrictions can be placed so your employees only can access the system from your facility
  • Gives you instant access to new scheduled releases and upgrades
  • Ability to move or setup new ticket selling stations quickly and easily


Streamlined Box Office Sales Solutions

Order Entry

There is no question; we have the simplest Touchscreen Box Office interface around. It was built to get people in as fast as possible while being able to track and account for all cash sales no matter if you are at the Venue or across the state. Simply touch the number of tickets and then CASH and their tickets will print right away. If you select CREDIT then just swipe their Credit Card and their tickets also print instantly. You can't get any easier than this!!!


Computerized Will Call

Will Call is the biggest nightmare for anyone that works a Box Office, until they switch to StubWire. Computerized Will Call means no more scratching names off a list, flipping through envelopes to find their tickets or having to tell a customer "Sorry Will Call is over there". Any system can access the computerized Will Call list at the same time and can be at different locations at your facility. Simply type in a small part of their name and then click "PRINT TICKETS" and you're done!


Quick Order Lookup

Ever have that customer who left their tickets at home or had a weird question or problem with their order? Now you can quickly find their order, view the tickets in their order, history of the order (when the tickets were printed, scanned or anything else) and even reprint the tickets the customer left at home so they can be scanned in.



There are so many different reports that have been built into the system which can give you detailed information about any event or ticket order across the entire system. Below are just a few of the main reports that are built into the system which can also be automatically emailed to you, your accountant or to an agent. How much time would you or your staff saves if you could automate ticket counts?


Other Event Related Reports

  • Extended Event Information
  • Daily Ticket Sales
  • Daily Page Views
  • Purchased Ticket List
  • Ticket Sales by Zip Code
  • Sales By Coupon


Automated Report Addition


Website Integration

Your website is your main entry point for all the ticket buyers. Is it simple and easy to use and always updated? We will create a custom layout just for you and upgrade your site where you can edit or change any page through a web interface. Your website can include videos, bios, links to Facebook Events, purchase tickets, automated Twitter or Facebook feed or so much more.


Full Facebook Integration

Login with Facebook

Everyone hates creating logins on sites and trying to remember what password they used. This is why we allow ticket buyers to login with their Facebook account. This gives you instant access to their Facebook information and on their orders or members profile, you will see a Facebook icon that you can click on and go directly to their Facebook profile page.


Facebook Events Automatically Created

Even if you have FREE events to just gather user's email or to let someone know about something upcoming, you should have a Facebook event created. But how many times have you forgotten to create the Facebook event, or the event information changed without you changing it on Facebook? Now you can automate the creation of all your Facebook events along with having a Buy Now tracking link placed at the top of event information.


Buy Tickets Tab

Give your Facebook Friends a quick and easy way to buy your tickets. Your events will automatically be listed out with a tracked Buy Now button so you can track the ticket sales.


Tracking Links

You place links all over the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Ads, Artist Websites, etc.) but how effective was it? Now you will be able to tell by creating Referral Tracking links. These links are also "Tiny URL's" which can embed automatic coupons, discounts or anything else (Example:


QR codes

QR codes are popping up everywhere and are starting to appear on anything and everything. Now you can take advantage of the QR codes to place on your TV Commercials or Posters that will send ticket buyers directly to your event while tracking the ticket buyer as they are automatically embedded with a Tracking Link.

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