RE:Play XPO '17

Room: Downstairs
2915 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009
Date: Saturday June 03, 2017 Doors: 1:00 PM
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RE:Play is an indie gaming and music expo that is created to celebrate the people behind the games as much as the fans. It is designed to be a more personal experience to interact with not just the games, but the people behind the games as well. Celebrating the gaming culture and all of it's facets from cosplay, music, art, and more.

It was created in Houston with hopes of building a stronger gaming community, and has been rapidly growing and working with people such as Brave Wave Productions, Tiny Build, Supergiant Games, Imagos Studios, and more. Every expo has brought out some of the most talented performers in the gaming industry like, Bit Shifter, Mega Ran, Danimal Cannon, and continues to bring more people like Akira Yamaoka, for his only US appearance this year!

Created in 2015, it has rapidly grown enough to entice international talent to showcase new work. This year RE:Play will host games from France, Mexico, Europe, and even more from all over the US. A 1 day event to travel the world of gaming from local indie developers to international musicians and so much more! There are always tons of prizes and contests sponsored by local business and big name gaming companies! A full day with so much to do and so many people in the industry to meet!

If you are in any way interested in gaming, from casual to hardcore, this is well worth your time! Play new and upcoming games, play console classics, meet developers and producers behind the games, listen to your favorite gaming soundtracks LIVE from the best people in the gaming industry!
Event Details
This show is All Ages
Saturday June 03, 2017
1:00 PM