CASKEY live at Jimmy B's.

202 N. Locust St.
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Date: Friday Apr 14, 2023 at 08:00 PM Doors: 7:00 PM

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  • Bully
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Sinister Minded Music Presents Caskey Live
Price Levels
General Admission $25.00
Day Of: $30.00

Brandon Caskey is an American rapper, better known by the mononym Caskey. After almost ten years with Keep Pushin Entertainment & releasing mixtapes independently, including No Complaints (2012), Caskey signed to Birdman's Cash Money Records and Republic Records in August 2012. On August 1, 2017, Caskey dropped Generation. In 2018, after releasing a new mixtape titled "Speak of the Devil," Caskey followed up with his acoustic project, "Music To Die To". Since then, he has released a steady stream of singles, mixtapes, feature verses, and has released 2 albums, "Clockwork" and his most recent project with his brother Yelawolf and producer Taysty, "Yelawolf x Blacksheep"

Throughout his childhood, Caskey would write other genres of music, and eventually began writing raps in his sophomore year at Winter Springs High School.[2][1] Then in his early years, he released two underground mixtapes, Blowin' Out My Mind Vol. 1 and The Intangibles.[3] While recording his third official mixtape Homegrown Vol. 1 he linked up with Orlando area producers The Avengerz. Ever since then, The Avengerz formed a significant part of the production side of his music.[1] A few weeks prior to its release he was in a motorcycle accident, where he suffered pinched nerves in his left arm.[4] On April 20, 2011 Caskey released Homegrown Vol. 1 as a free download.[5]

In August 2012, Caskey released his fourth official mixtape titled No Complaints featuring production primarily by The Avengerz.[6][7] The mixtape would be heard by Cash Money Records producer DJ Nasty, who would pass it on to CEO Birdman. Upon hearing it and meeting with Caskey, Birdman said he immediately knew he was a star.[8] In early August 2012, Cash Money Records released a video of Caskey officially signing to Cash Money. In the video they also revealed his debut studio album would be released in 2013.[9][10] Not only did he sign a recording contract, but also a publishing, marketing and merchandising deal with Money Mack Music and Cash Money Marketing LLC respectively. Upon signing he said "I've wanted to be a performer my whole life, so signing with Cash Money Records and having this platform to release my music has been a dream. I greatly respect Birdman, Slim and the YMCMB family. I look forward to making the city of Orlando, my fans and my label proud."[11] To celebrate he released "Cash Money Records 100 Bars" on September 13.[12]

2012-present: The Transient Classics, Black Sheep, and The Lost Files
On December 8, 2012, he released his debut single "Keep It on the Low" featuring Kyle Denmead from the No Complaints mixtape.[13] He had a solo track titled "FBGM" on the YMCMB mixtape Rich Gang: All Stars, which was released on February 18, 2013.[4] Then on February 25, 2013, Cash Money re-released No Complaints with two bonus tracks.[14][15] He was featured on the Cash Money Records compilation album Rich Gang, on the song "Sunshine" also featuring Birdman, Limp Bizkit and Flo Rida.[16] Artistdirect would call the song one of the album's standout tracks.[17]

On June 24, 2013, Caskey announced that his upcoming mixtape would be titled The Transient Classics.[4] On July 16, he revealed the cover art for The Transient Classics and announced it would be released on his 21 birthday, August 28, 2013.[4] On August 20, 2013 he released the music video for the song "Show Me Some", which was shot in Paris, France.[18][19] The mixtape was produced by The Avengerz, Myles William and The Colleagues and featured guest appearances from Trae tha Truth, Machine Gun Kelly, Riff Raff, JellyRoll, Rittz, and others.[20] Upon its release it was met with positive reviews from music critics.[21] His debut album was recorded at The Hit Factory in Miami, its release was and debuted on 2014. On April 14, 2015 Caskey released a mixtape titled "The Lost Files

Sick Trinity:

Wicked Wayz

Wicked Wayz under Rhymedotte has booked and promoted shows for himself and many major artist in over 65 cities spanning over 30 states, Wicked Wayz was created off hard work and dedication with the drive to bring something new and fresh to the scene and music industry, Wicked Wayz Also known as Devil Boy hooked up with in 2009 to bring a new approach to the scene, a new show that has never been done before.

He is a trendsetter and originator of that glow show, with his invisible black light paint provided by and his creative mindset and lyrical rhyme patterns he brought forth a one of a kind never seen before visual effect that has brought him from doing local shows to becoming a national artist touring and doing shows with the likes of Insane Clown Posse, ABK, Boondox, Blaze ya Dead Homie, Twiztid, Haystak, Hopsin, Swizzz, Dj Hoppa, The Dirtball, Caskey, JL b Hood, Joey Cool, Jehry Robinson, Taebo the Truth, 2Live Crew, Bukshot, Young Bleed formerly of stange music and no limit records, Kurt Calhoun, Bizzy Bone, Hed Pe, potluck, Prozak, Lil wyte, King fu Vampire, Sen dog of Cypress Hill, Afroman, Mastamind, Mars, Saint Dog (rip) and many more. In 2012 he hit the road with Boondox and Cousin Cletus and mars on the low down and dirty tour doin over 25 shows spanning across the United States tour footage can be seen here

later in 2012 he went back over the road for the keep it real tour with Mars and Mastamind hitting over 30 cities , in a matter of nine months before he was sent to prison he put in over 45,000 miles spreading his wicked sounds and a visual stageshow that will give u a night u can't forget all provided by Even behind prison walls doin a 106 month prison sentence he was still bringing that wicked sound to the fans and fam, with a release date coming soon he was striving to get back to what he knows best and that's serving the fam with a killer stage show and hitting them with that wicked one of a kind sound he provides. He mastered his craft and planned to get back what is his.

With being released in 2020 he started to work on solo and group projects, dropping 6 cds and over 15 videos in a span of a year, He then created Sick Trinity with long Time Friend and his Artist Ex SixoSix to bring something new to the scene and reunite the Fans to bring new life to the Underground Music Scene.

Stay tuned as your ride on the hell bound train has only begun it's Wicked Wayz til the end of dayz...


Born in the small town of maysville, KY found the love of music at an early age. He began dubbing over instrumental cassette tapes at age 10. At the time heavily influenced by greats like 2pac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G, N.W.A, LL cool J, Run DMC, Snoop Dogg and more. Using music as a coping mechanism to overcome early signs of depression and anxiety he used music asa n outlet to escape his surroundings.

After run ins with local law enforcement he was forced to grow up quick and find a different way to express his anger and emotions. In his late teenage years he began to write and record his own material touching on life events and things that he had seen and been through, just the everyday struggle. After high scool he was involved in the local music scent but never really took music seriously, it was just something to be a part of and a way to cope with hiss issues. After the tragic passing of his son in October 2005 he began to take music more seriously and really decided to pursue music fully. But along the way there were several roadblocks and obstacles in the way that derailed his progress drastically. After releasing several projects between 2008-2014 the end seemed to be creeping up fast.

After taking several years off and deciding to give up on his dreams one more giant push. In the winter of 2017 he made his return to the music scene with his album Verbal Disease. He decided to give everything he had to his music and never look back. With this new grind or die mindset he began to make noise and become noticed in the underground scene. Doing shows all over the midwest region and opening for the likes of The Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze ya Dead Homie, ABK, AMB, Tech N9ne, Bone Thugs n Harmony, Hopsin, D12, Young Buck, Kottonmouth Kings, Haystak, Jellyroll, Lord Infamous, DJ Clay, Rittz, Project Born, Prozak, ALLA Xul Elu, Boondox, Scum, Insane Poetry, Juvenile, Pastor Troy, Yelawolf and More.

He began really silidifying his name and brand in the Underground. Named the Voice of The Misfits by his peers he began speaking to the masses with that dark and rugged style all of his own. In 2020 while the world was in a crisis he linked back up with long time family Devil Boy aka Wicked Wayz who was fresh out the system and ready to leave his mark on the world. Both have aspirations and solid business minds and knew that they along with a few others carefully chosen members could create a wicked dream team only to be known as SINISTER MINDED MUSIC... The rest is to be continued.
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This show is 21 & Over
Friday Apr 14, 2023 at 08:00 PM
7:00 PM
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