Cigarettes After Sex

Room: Downstairs
2915 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009
Date: Friday September 22, 2017 Doors: 9:00 PM


  • Cigarettes After Sex
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Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient pop collective led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez & is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Formed in 2008, the group has been host to a number of different musical collaborators, working through a variety of sounds since its inception. In the spring of 2012, inspired by the Trinity Session, Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Mazzy Star & the sound of early '60s records like "I Love You How You Love Me" by the Paris Sisters, they recorded their first proper EP, I., live over the course of a single night in the stairway of a four story building. Inspired by the same influences & recorded in the same spontaneous spirit, they've since released their new single "Affection" across various platforms.
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This show is All Ages
Friday September 22, 2017
9:00 PM