Creed Fisher

511 South 8th St.
Waco, TX 76706
Date: Saturday Mar 19, 2022 at 08:30 PM Doors: 6:00 PM


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If you listen to just a few tracks from his latest album, you might think Creed Fisher was born with a guitar in his hand. One after another his songs remain relevant today, yet steeped with tradition classics that everyone else already knows and you don't want to miss. Clearly he's sharing his own stories, with experiences that range from great victories to deep battle scars.

Fisher hails from Odessa, TX, where his family's roots trace back to his granddad, who was highly involved in the oil game back in the fifties. However, Fisher took on a different passion when he started playing football at the age of 10, which eventually led to the Minor Leagues for 9 years.

But, as his football career came to a close, Fisher also saw his marriage of twelve years come to an end. It was at this point he decided to do some serious "soul searching". Fisher tells us that the music simply "found him" during this time. He picked up a guitar in 2010 and never let it go; and after touring tirelessly for 4 years, Fisher moved from West Texas to a small town outside of San Antonio, TX, where he put together a new band, and picked up where he left off.

Fisher's second album "Ain't Scared To Bleed" went Top 30 on the ITunes Country charts and continues to be embraced by fans all around the world. When it came to his 3rd album "Rednecks Like Us" it was reviewed by Country Music People magazine and got 4 out of 5 stars. Here is what they had to say...

"Creed Fisher sings and writes with the confidence and authority of someone who has been at it for a hell of a lot longer than 6 years. He is at his strongest on the ballads, but tackles the 'angry redneck' stuff just as well. There's the odd moment when it can all get a bit crashy and loud for me, but I'd say the same about Hank Jr. All things considered, this is very impressive indeed and I'd like to see Creed Fisher go far.

Friends and fans alike anxiously await Creed Fisher's release of his 4th album. There is no denying that Fisher is truly speaking from passion when it comes to his music. Fisher is the guy you meet that you feel like you've known all your life and his music feels like the songs you've been singing since you first discovered music. His lyrics are comfortable; his story, genuine; his spirit, humble and his talent, undeniable."

Country Music People Magazine

- September 2016

- Duncan Warwick

Recently in 2021, he's been back on the road touring and will be looking forward to putting out new music for his fans.
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This show is All Ages
Saturday Mar 19, 2022 at 08:30 PM
6:00 PM
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