Delta County Cotton Harvest Festival

91 North Side Square
Cooper, TX 75432
Date: Saturday October 08, 2022 Doors: 4:00 PM


  • Car Show
  • Pedal Tractor Show
  • Antique Tractor Show
  • Li-Sher Dance Studio Performance
  • Vendors
  • Bounce Houses and Slides for the Kids

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It's country music's famous, straight-to-the-bone foundation, and the core of countess iconic hits. But as a new generation of artists emerge, it can sometimes feel like a relic. … Then there's Columbia Nashville's Kameron Marlowe.

For him, three chords and the truth isn't just a motto, it's the only way he knows to make music. Fusing steel-toed toughness with a visceral approach to songwriting, it's the truth itself that guides his hard-to-pin-down mix. And with his debut album, We Were Cowboys, he confronts it head on.

"This is me and this is what I wanna show the world," Marlowe explains. "I've really tried to fight for this record in a way that it doesn't sound like everybody else. … Basically, I tried to make it my own."
Event Details
This show is All Ages
Saturday October 08, 2022
4:00 PM
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