Den Mother, The Winter Sounds, Skelatin

Room: Upstairs
2915 N. Main
Houston, TX 77009
Date: Thursday January 11, 2018 Doors: 8:00 PM


  • Den Mother, The Winter Sounds


  • Skelatin
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The Winter Sounds return with a new album and winter tour to kickoff the release of their much anticipated fourth LP, Maximum Reality. Fans enjoyed a sneak preview of the album with a 14 city fall tour and release of the first single off Maximum Reality, "Heartbeats". The video premiered on Baeble Music in late August of ‘17 and received stellar reviews from publications such as Huffington Post, Essentially Pop, and AXS TV. The song and gorgeous visuals (beautifully shot in the Baltic country of Estonia) have kept the video in rotation on over 140+ cable video channels in North America. Also in August, the band released their soundtrack cut "Broken Bodies" from the Jack White-produced Netflix comedy special, Rory Scovel Tries Stand-up for the First Time.

Maximum Reality is fresh take on classic indie rock, sprinkled with 80's synth pop and folk anthems. The album is slated for release on 1/12/18 and features production by Derek Garten (Jewel, Thunderbitch) and Jason Kingsland (Band of Horses, Deerhunter, Belle & Sebastian). The album was mastered by Colin Leonard (JR JR, MIGOS). Maximum Reality is a musical journey that explores a variety of songwriting styles and sonic landscapes while retaining that core danceable post-punk for which the band is known. The Winter Sounds will be embarking on a 24 city national tour in January and February of ‘18, during which time they will release a second single, "Earth After a Thunderstorm". The accompanying video will again be shot in Estonia with filmmaker Zbanski Kino. Singer Patrick Keenan describes "Earth After a Thunderstorm" as "the melancholy and nostalgia that emerges when something triggers an old memory, like the change in seasons or a forgotten piece of music."

Over the last 10 years of making music, The Winter Sounds have constantly evolved, releasing outlier indie pop music that is both stadium-banger and contemplative. Their latest effort consists of 12 songs that reveal a band poised for a breakthrough. Of the name Maximum Reality, Keenan says: "The name of the album comes from the philosopher Immanuel Kant, based on his conception of god (ens realissimum) being all realities, including actuality, in perfection - the "most real" being. For me, the real takeaway of the name is how it represents the emotional ground that the album covers. It was a long production process and in that time - almost four years - there were so many ups and downs. Maximum Reality expresses the broad emotional spectrum of the last four years."

The Winter Sounds are Patrick Keenan, Paul McKenna, Corey Dibiase, and Joe Reilly. Maximum Reality will be released on the Logica Sonica label and distributed by The Orchard/Sony Music.
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Thursday January 11, 2018
8:00 PM