Cooking with Cannabis - Hosted by Chef Tony Freitas

322 N Greenwood Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120
Date: Thursday August 15, 2019 07:00 PM Doors: 6:30 PM

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This event has been canceled
If you purchased your tickets online, please check your email for full details about this event.

We're sorry, but this month's "Cooking with Cannabis" class has been cancelled.

You will be refunded for your ticket cost(s).

We sincerely thank you for your support and we hope to see you at our future classes!
Tulsa Higher Care Clinic & the Oklahoma Cannabis Business Alliance are PROUD to present the GREEN ON GREENWOOD Patient Education Series on Cannabis as Medicine! Full Class Schedule and Speakers posted now! (type @oklegalthc in the search bar on Facebook)

❤️🌱THC2 FREE PATIENT EDUCATION SERIES- WEEK 2 🌱❤️ We only have 100 seats each week for these classes! Please get registered!!

This special series of classes will cover cooking with Cannabis, hosted by Chef Tony Freitas of Green & Clean Gourmet Chefs!

Chef Tony has been cooking with Cannabis for almost 10 years now as a result of an automobile collision of a careless driver while riding a racing bicycle. This accident started an incredible journey, based upon culinary creativity paired with psychological research, in order to personally discover the healing properties of plants and the missing elements for nutritional healing. Through all this trial and error he is now passionate about sharing these experiences to help people find Green and Clean food in their lives for health and healing.

Green and Clean Gourmet Chefs (G&C) began as an educational and private chef service to help people learn how to incorporate more infused plants into their nutritional plans. This mission is very personal to Chef Tony because he used Cannabis infused cooking to create a customized healing protocol for his chronic pain and even depression/anxiety. The brand Green and Clean Chefs (G&C) has supported Chef Tony's vision to serve people with forward thinking solutions about Cannabinoid Nutrition through education, coaching, and cleaner products.

The mission of G&C is to "Go Green and Get Clean." The truth is when people "Go Green" and get more plants their bodies will "Get Clean" but only if the plants are clean themselves; so we like to define clean as chemical free. Chef Tony has a powerful plant healing testimonial to get his body into remission from chronic pain, arthritis, and even major depression/anxiety. The reality is so much of our food today is far from clean and if we want to optimize our bodies then it is time to eat cleaner (or chemical free). Our bodies are designed in such a way that we should all be considering our own Cannabinoid nutrition levels, which is part of what we help people discover at Green and Clean Chefs led by our Executive Chef - Anthony G Freitas Sr. aka Chef Tony.


This limited series of classes are PAID classes, so you must purchase a ticket to attend.

Go check out THC2 at and book your visit TODAY!

We cannot wait for this event! Get registered NOW! #THC2PatientSeries #GreenOnGreenwood #FREEeducation #TheMoreYOUKnow💫 #HealthyNotHigh🌱 #THC2 #THC2Owasso #THC2SouthTulsa #THC2Bixby

We will be offering 12 weeks and over 20 classes for patients on the following subjects:

🍲 Cooking with Cannabis (5 separate sessions offered)
🔬 The Endocannabanoid System & Nutrition
🔬 Delivery Methods & Modalities
🌱 Growing your own medicine at home (Step by step demo)
🔬 Cannabis and Pediatrics
💄 Cannabis & Cosmetics
💊 Pain Management & Cannabis
🔬 CBD & THC (why you NEED both!)
❓ Q & A with Cannabis Physicians
🔬 Lab Testing
⚠️ Annnnd sooooo many more
Event Details
This show is All Ages with Restrictions
Thursday Aug 15, 2019
6:30 PM
  • Tulsa Higher Care Clinic
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